VEXO S Single Axis Machinery Vibration Meter


VEXO S Machine Vibration Meter

Regular maintenance monitoring of machinery with a vibration meter can help stop excessive downtime and major repair costs later on. The Vexo S is a powerful single axis vibration meter designed to ensure your machine condition monitoring and fault diagnostics are effective.

  • Single Axis Vibration Meter
  • Large Colour Display
  • Large 'Flash' Memory
  • Re-chargeable Battery Pack and Charger
  • Only 3 Operational Buttons for Simple Use
  • Built Tough with Rugged Accelerometer and Cable

Keeping it Simple

The Vexo S has been designed to function at maximum performance despite the machinery being tested. With only 3 operational buttons the Vexo S is easy and with the large colour display you can read results easily during testing.

The Vexo S has virtually no setup requirements so you can literally turn the Vexo on and start recording data.

While the meter can be used to visually check vibration levels, data can also be recorded for later download to a PC using the VibdataPro Vibration Analysis Software. VibdataPro can also be used for trending analysis to monitor your machinery over a period of time.

Powerful Pocket Vibration Meter

As a small hand-held vibration meter, the Vexo S is a powerful meter. The internal memory is large enough to store all the data you'll need to record and the battery meter comes with a re-chargeable battery pack and charger.

Vexo S Applications

  • Machinery condition to ISO 10816-1, 3 and 7
  • Bearing condition indication
  • Trending analysis (with VibdataPro)
  • Environmental Vibration

Get your hands on the Vexo S Single Axis Vibration Meter today.