VEXO H Tri-Axial Hand-Arm Vibration Meter

Vexo H Hand-Arm Vibration Meter
Data on VEXO H Hand-Arm Vibration
Data on VEXO H Hand-Arm Vibration
Data on VEXO H Hand-Arm Vibration
Data on VEXO H Hand-Arm Vibration

VEXO H Hand-Arm Vibration

Data on VEXO H Hand-Arm Vibration
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Measuring the vibration magnitude of your tools with a vibration meter such as the Castle Vexo is a very important part of any Hand Arm Vibration management programme, but there are many other activities that should be involved, including health surveillance, maintenance operator training, exposure monitoring and vibration reduction.

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Using the Vexo H

The Vexo H instrument has three states of basic operation:

Stop State

This is the default state of the Vexo H instrument and whilst in this state limited calculations are displayed on the instruments screen but no values are recorded in the internal flash memory.

It is only possible to change Settings and undertake Calibration of the instrument whilst in Stop State. Exposure Points are not available when in Stop State.

The parameters available in the Stop State are: -

Record State

Whilst the instrument is in the Record State the vibration activity is analysed and all parameters available on your instrument are calculated.

Record State is easily identified by the Record Symbol and the Recording Time in the top left hand corner of the screen.

The parameters available in the Record State are: -


Playback is identified by having a green play symbol in the top left hand corner and is where a recorded file is opened to be viewed on screen.

When Playback is started manually, all parameters are available to view including Exposure Points, even if Exposure Points are turned off.

The parameters / screens available whilst in the Playback Mode are: -
Castle Shop

For compliance with the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005, the Vexo H combines ruggedness with simplicity and power to provide you with the magnitude measurement instrument that you need to assess Hand Arm Vibration in your workplace.

Owning this fully compliant Tri-Axial Vibration Meter means that you need only take one measurement per tool to receive the accurately measured data in both m/s² and in HSE exposure points, making your Hand Arm Vibration Risk Assessments as easy as currently possible.

Features of the Vexo

  • Tri-Axial Vibration Meter
  • Fully Compliant with ISO 8041:2005
  • Large Dynamic Range
  • Re-chargeable Battery Pack and Charger
  • Large 'Flash' Memory
  • Rugged Accelerometer and Cable
  • Large Colour Display
  • Only 3 Operational Buttons for Simple Use
  • Shows readings in m/s² and in HSE exposure points

The Vexo H boasts a clear easy to read colour LCD and has full data logging capabilities with fast USB downloading to your laptop or PC. The Vexo incorporates internal Flash memory to store all your recordings and the data can then be transferred to the supplied software Vibdata LITE using the supplied USB cable or viewed onscreen.

Not only does the Vexo H vibration meter have all these features in a small and ergonomic case but it is also supplied with a rechargeable battery pack featuring the latest NiMH technology which incorporates extremely low self-discharge.

Every part of the Vexo has been thoughtfully designed. The case, accelerometer and cable are all rugged for industrial use and the meter is extremely easy to use with a simple three button operation, all you virtually need do is press the power button and start recording.

With the Vexo H combating HAVS has become even easier.

What's in the Vexo box?

  • Vexo H GA2006H Hand Arm Vibration Meter
  • Hand Arm Vibration Tri-Axial Accelerometer (KD1010) on a 1.4m cable
  • Accelerometer Mounting Block and Screw
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack and Recharger
  • Getting Started Laminated Sheet
  • Free Vibdata Software, with Pro upgrade available
  • Carry case and accessories

Measuring Hand Arm Vibration

It is advisable to validate your instrument prior to, and after taking measurements using a known vibration source, such as the Castle GA606 Vibration Calibrator.

To ensure measurements are as accurate and as repeatable as possible always ensure that your cable is tightened securely to your accelerometer and that the accelerometer is mounted as securely and as flush as possible to the vibration source. The trailing cable of the accelerometer should also be attached to the vibration source without creating a potential hazard for the operator or other people.

Where possible always mount the accelerometer as near to the centre of where the operator holds and grips the vibration source. In reality this is not always possible and the best compromise must be achieved.

Measurement durations are dependent on the vibration source, and a minimum period of 30 seconds for Hand Arm Vibration is recommended. Measurement periods of 3 to 15 minutes are often used for Hand Arm vibration. These increased durations will undoubtedly increase the accuracy and repeatability of your measured results.

Keeping it Simple

Modern tri-axial accelerometers make measuring hand arm vibration levels much easier than ever before. With the Vexo H combating HAVS has become even easier thanks to the small and powerful meter, easy to read colour display and three button operation. All you need to do is press the power button and start recording.

The 'Flash' memory in the Vexo H is large enough to store all the data you collect. The data can then be downloaded to the VibdataPro Vibration Analysis Software for further analysis.

Standard Vibration Measurement

Adhering to ISO 5349:2001 has never been easier. You can now monitor a worker's vibration exposure and coupled with the Integrator Software for Health & Safety and HR, you can keep a complete record of vibration measurements.

Take Hand-Arm vibration measurement to the next level with the Vexo H Tri-Axial Hand-Arm Vibration Meter.

GA606Vibration Calibrator
KA010V*Carry Case for Vexo and Accessories
KA1010*Hand Arm Vibration Tri-axial Accelerometer
KA1202Mounting Studs (Pk 5)
KD1211Cable Ties Metal Barbed (Pk 100)
KD1215Transducer Mounting Glue and Stud Pack
KD1217Transducer Petro wax Mounting Compound
PC009**VibdataPro Vibration Analysis Software
TT4KITTensioning Tool and 100 Cable Ties Metal Barbed
01KD1218*Transducer Mounting Block and Screw
01VIBBATT*2.4 2100mAh NiMH Battery Pack
01PSU5*NiMH Battery Pack Recharger
01ZL1065-01AC Output Cable (1 metre)
01Zl1108-01*USB Download Cable (1 metre)

* supplied with the Vexo H
** Upgrade from supplied Vibdata LITE